Are your candles giving you depression?

Posted by Luna Athens on 4/30/2019 to News

Are your candles giving you depression?

We have all had those days where it is hard to get out of bed, hard to get going. But is your hard day really depression?

Studies show that blue lighting (like what comes from your phone screen) keep the brainwaves going. That’s why we are often told not to get on our phones before bed. Because we are trying to get the brain to settle down and allow us some sleep. When we keep the brain awake, we get less quality sleep. Less sleep leads to depression. A great way to combat the blues is by using different brighter colors.

If you are a candle burner, like me, then you know that there are just too few choices out there for candles that don’t come in mustard yellow, scab red, gray, even doodoo brown. Yep, I said it, doodoo brown! A total disappointment. Colors to make you cry. Not to mention, when you light those drab colored candles you get very little actual light. You’re pretty much just burning them for scent now.

But, does it have to be that way?


No longer will I surround myself with the drab colors of yesterday.

No longer will I need to light 9 candles just to see food on my plate.

No longer will I be sparking a candle that doesn’t spark something in me.


Well, I have stumbled upon a solution.

Candles that both give a great scent and are in bright spring like colors.

That’s not even the best part.

These new revolutionized candles also illuminate a large area. Now I can see food on my plate with just 1 candle burning. That’s right from 9 down to 1. (and I still get more light with the one!)

Now for what I think is the best part…


Wait. What?

Yes! GLOWS in the dark!

How is this going to help me?

Like a moth to a flame, these candles capture your attention. The color calms the brain and the body. You might even find that there is a greater connection with those around you. This is because you will actually put down an electronic in lieu of a more pleasing light. This will cause conversation that again leads to connecting with those around you. And everyone knows that connecting with people on a human level increases the natural “feel good” feelings. So, next time you are feeling down try brightening up your surrounding and working towards connecting with humans.

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