Completely Customizable Glow Candle

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  • Includes:Choice of Color, Choice of Style, Choice of Fragrance

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Looking for the perfect gift? Want something uniquely you?

Well look no further.

Our completely cusomizable candles make buying a candle an experience you will want to duplicate again and again. Choose your color, scent, and style. The combinations are limitless. The possibilites endless. Choose from our vast array of fragrances to create a masterpiece that is exclusively yours.

What's stopping you?

Our color choices are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink,
Invisible Day Aqua, Invisible Day Blue, Invisible Day Green, Invisible Day Purple, & White.
(All invisible colors appear white but glow in the color listed)

Our styles are as listed:
  • Small Jar                        2.5oz             Burn time 15-18 hours
  • Medium Jar                   5.2oz              Burn time 25-30 hours
  • Large Jar                      13.2oz             Burn time 70-80 hours
  • 12 Tealights                 1.5oz ea         Burn time 7-9 hours each
  • 4 Micro-Pillars             2.5oz ea         Burntime 12-15 hours
  • 2x6 Pillar                        10oz             Burn time 60-70 hours
  • 3x4 Pillar                        14oz             Burn time 90-100 hours
  • 3x6 Pillar                        21oz             Burn time 125-140 hours
  • 3x9 Pillar                        32oz             Burn time 190-200 hours
  • Chakra                              8oz             Burn time 30-40 hours
  • Eiffel Tower                     6oz             Burn time 20-25 hours
  • Frog                                  6oz             Burn time 20-25 hours
  • Owl                                   8oz             Burn time 27-33 hours
  • Apple                                9oz             Burn time 30-35 hours
  • Small Skull                       9oz             Burn time 30-35 hours
  • Large Tribal Skull          17oz             Burn time 60-70 hours
  • 2pk 10" Candlesticks      2oz ea        Burn time 5-7 hours

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